The Deal with Gift Baskets

Discerning folks would just have to wonder what is it about gift baskets that make them such a popular form of gift-giving today? What fun could there possibly be in receiving a gift without the requisite anticipation and suspense that comes from tearing open layers of wrapping paper before running smack into the actual present itself? For although gift baskets are nearly always prettily packaged, surely there is not much to be said for gift items that are so openly strutting their stuff for all and sundry to see!

Originally, suitable materials that are easily accessible or obtained were used to weave baskets. Hunters used these baskets to store their catch of the day, while gatherers used them to gather fruit and other consumables. Maybe this could be the reason behind on why baskets are used as one of the ways to present gifts these days, as baskets had indeed been used to present organic gifts in the past.