The Best Gourmet Gift Basket Ideas

There are numerous occasions where we receive gifts that we either don’t want or gifts that will be left in a cupboard for years. It is always nice to receive a useful gift that everyone can enjoy. A gourmet gift basket idea can be made up of many different items and here are just a few ideas to help you along. Here is a list of useful gourmet gift basket ideas:

Coffee/Tea Break Basket: Chocolate or other biscotti, a bag of Fair Trade organic coffee, and a café au lait bowl. Or tender shortbread cookies, a box or tin of special tea, and a pretty mug, or one of those teacup-and-teapot combinations. Packets of organic sugar.

Spanish Gift Gourmet Basket: The basket can be lined with crepe or silk or even a small table cloth. Add a bottle of Sangre de Toro wine, a bottle of Ponche, and some sliced ham, a ham pate, some Manchego cheese, a chorizo, a small bottle of olive oil, some almond Turron and an assortment of crackers or cookies.

Under the Tuscan Sun Basket: A packet of organic pasta, jar of good organic pasta sauce, wedge of artisanal grating cheese, bottle of fine olive oil or special infused oil (garlic and rosemary or basil are perfect), head of organic garlic, polenta, bottle of red wine, packet of expresso, red and white checked tablecloth, assorted biscotti, print-out of favorite Italian recipes.

A Year in Provence Basket: Loaf of crusty French bread, assortment of French cheeses, bottle of wine, jar of Herbes de Provence (a lovely spice mix that includes lavender), jar of ratatouille, pretty flowered Provencale napkins, garlic press, bag of French sea salt, bow-tied bundle of dried lavender or thyme, bottle of fine balsamic vinegar or herb-infused vinegar, print-out of favorite French recipes.

Rule Britannia Basket: Wholegrain bread or crackers, assorted English cheeses, jar of pickled gherkins, bottle of imported British ale, tin of fine tea, tea-ball, pretty cup and saucer, plum pudding in a tin, hard sauce, Christmas crackers.

South of the Border Basket: Special dried or canned chiles, jar of salsa, fine Mexican cornmeal, dried beans, bottle of lime juice, Tequila and margarita mix, tin of margarita salt, organic taco shells, print-out of favorite Mexican recipes.

Taj Mahal Basket: Homemade or purchased garam masala and other curry spice mixes, papadums, tamarind paste, coconut milk, pretty mirrored, iridescent, or Indian print tablecloth, print-out of favorite Indian recipes.

Chocolate-Lover’s Basket: Chocolate truffles, Chocolate chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ganache torte in a pretty tin, chocolate sauce in a jar, chocolate candies, hot chocolate mix.

Bean Soup Medley: Simple, but sure to be appreciated. Buy an assortment of different dried beans, mix them together, and package them in pretty glass jars with a ribbon, along with bottles of dried mixed soup herbs and your favorite bean soup recipe.