Decorate Your Party With Balloon

Special joy can be added to a theme party by using decorations of balloons that are in sync with the theme, and even if it’s not a theme party, you can still fill your house or party venue with all kinds of fancy balloons. So, while you are planning a party, what kind of balloons are you going to use? Party supply stores specialize in such things and it will not be a big task to search for balloons of your liking that can make your party fun and vibrant.

* For a very simple game for a child’s birthday party, you can get balloons made that have each kid’s name on it. You can put in some miniature games and candies inside these and hide them all around the house. It will then be fun to watch them run around while they search for their “own” balloons and discover the prize within the balloon. The kids will love playing the game and you’ll enjoy watching them.

* Another idea of a fun game can be a “pop the balloon” race. All the kids present at the party can be divided into two or more teams and each given a baton. The kids can run up to the balloons to burst them using the baton and collect the gift (or points) within. Then he/she can race back and handover the baton to the other member of the team and so on. The winning team would be the one which collects maximum points or gifts. This idea can be changed a bit for older children who can aim at balloons from far away, making the same game more challenging.

* Another game that can be called the “chest-pop the balloon” can also prove to be fun. You can fill the balloons with goodies and sweets. The children could pair up and between them they could try to burst the balloons using their chests. Faster the balloons are popped more is the number of prizes they get.

You can also have custom made balloons made for your party. But if you do not have that kind of time, you can buy readymade balloons and then, all that you’ll need to do is to inflate them on the party day. However, if you do have the time, you can make a friend or loved one feel special by getting a special message or image printed on the balloon. If so, you could go for the foil balloons since the images on a foil balloon won’t get distorted on inflation.