Gag Gifts As Birthday Presents

The gag gifts are meant for playing pranks on the recipient, but these pranks are playful in nature and are associated with hilarity and amusement. It is of course a new idea to befool the birthday boy by gifting him or her with some gag gifts.

There are various ways by which you can play pranks upon your loved ones on their birthdays. However, presenting gag gifts is probably the best thing by which you can make him both stunned and amused. Different kinds of gag gifts can be presented to your loved ones during their birthday. These go on to their birthday some thing special and memorable. Here will we explore some of the best gag gifts, which you can present to your loved ones in order to play pranks upon him or her.

If you want to play some pranks on your officemate on his birthday, you can present him a backward clock, written in reverse. This gag gift will no doubt make him crazy. You can present to your somber sister a laughing mirror on her birthday; the mirror will laugh every time you grab hold of it. Your sister will definitely love you when she will find her laughing image in the mirror. If you have an obsessive and compulsive friend, play pranks upon him/her by presenting fake cat poop, and scatter it on her mattress to make her birthday complete. For your sister in law, present her with a book filled with the art of kissing. She will be embarrassed as well as happy. If you have a friend, who has long hair, present him a baldhead wig. It will make him feel that he is having shaved head for some time.

Apart from these, there are thousands of other gag gifts by which you can play pranks upon your loved ones on his or her birthday. However, before setting yourself for buying the right birthday gag gifts, you must know about the things in which s/he gives excessive indulgence, and try to concentrate the gag gifts on that. Always remember that it is through the gag gifts that you can make people feel humorous and relieve them from the stressful schedule. Therefore, Pranks and gag gifts can certainly become one of the most special gifts for the birthday boy or girl, if gifted wholeheartedly.

Gag Gift Ideas and Tips

One of the toughest decisions we have to make in life is which present to pick for someone. While the present should be thoughtful, it doesn’t have to be a serious. Have you considered one of the numerous gag gift ideas? The key to choosing a funny present is to select one that will put a smile on the present-receiver’s face, without offending or embarrassing him or her. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect gag gift for someone:

1. Don’t buy a gift that would be embarrassing.

Like when planning practical jokes, it’s important to know where to draw the line. The key when choosing a funny gift is to select one that will cause the gift recipient to smile or chuckle-and not turn red with embarrassment. There’s a fine one between these two reactions, so make sure to choose your gift wisely. You probably know the gift recipient fairly well, so make sure not to choose a present that would make the receiver feel uncomfortable. Basically, you know the gift-receiver better than most people do. So think about how he or she would react after receiving a particular type of gift. And then make sure not to choose one that would push the wrong buttons or cross the line.

2. Don’t buy a gift that’s inappropriate for a person.

One of the mistakes that people make when buying a gift (including a gag gift) is not keeping the gift recipient in mind. As odd as this may sound, it happens quite frequently. One way to avoid making that blunder is to focus on the gift receiver. What type of occupation does he or she have? What are their hobbies? How much of a sense of humor do they have? Asking these types of questions will help you to choose the best gag gift for the gift receiver. It will allow you to narrow down your choice from a seemingly unlimited number of options-to one that’s perfect for the gift recipient. That’s your ultimate mission, right?

3. Don’t wait until the last minute.

If at all possible, avoid procrastinating when choosing gag gifts. The reason is that choosing a humorous present tends to take more time than choosing “regular” presents. If you rush choosing a funny gift, then in all likelihood it won’t be funny, or it won’t be funny to the gift recipient. So make sure to start your search as early as possible. That will ensure that you have plenty of time to find the perfect gift!

4. Don’t pay too much for a gift.

As with any other gift, it’s wise to find the perfect gag gift, at the perfect price. The best way to achieve this goal is by doing a thorough search for the gift. Search online and offline stores to help ensure that you find the absolutely lowest price for the gag gift. After selecting the gift, make sure to compare the price of the present, from at least three stores. While there’s nothing magical per se about three sources, it’s a good starting point. Get prices from more sources, if possible!