When Should A Personalised Gift Be Given?

There is nothing nicer than being given a gift that is just for you. It shows that the person giving the gift has really put some thought into what they think you would like to receive. It also shows that they value you and think you deserve something special.

In this throwaway society it is good to have some things to treasure and to pass on to the next generation. A wedding ring with a special message engraved on the inside is a wonderful keepsake. Personalized gifts are a good way of marking special moments in people’s lives; births, christenings, engagements, marriages, congratulations, special birthdays, anniversaries and thank you. All moments to treasure and remember.

What personalized gift to give

You could adopt an animal, name a star or plant a tree for your friends and family – great for the person who has everything or wants nothing. If you want to give them something they can keep and use then jewelery, glass and pottery may be better. Many companies offer a custom service whereby you can add a name or message to their products. Maybe a mug or a bowl for a newborn baby or to celebrate a christening; a teapot or salad bowl to commemorate a marriage; and a platter or a jug to mark an anniversary or retirement. You could just give a loved one their own special breakfast plate to show how much you care about them. A personalized gift that can be used and cherished every day is a lovely thing.


It doesn’t need to be a birthday or anniversary. Why not give a personalized gift as a thank you, a house warming or congratulations. How about a giant teapot for the village cricket team or the same for the staffroom at your children’s primary school? Or perhaps a 6 pint jug for flowers for the church. All of these could have their name added and a special message or date.

There are so many ways to make gift shopping extra special these days and it is always guaranteed to be received the most warmly. Even having your own named mug at work will keep at bay unwanted advances of your mug and a jealousy that can only be relieved with their own personalized mug!

Personalize pieces for friends, family and yourself, there are so many occasions a personalized gift would be well received!